Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Counting what counts

Image from WWW

How fast the days are going by!!!!  I have hardly been on the laptop since I opted out of Facebook.  Before it was a "must-do-first-thing-in-the-morning" so I could have my coffee and browse through all the notifications and go through the timeline.  It's almost six months since I left and it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I have accomplished much more than I expected to and was out of the house less grudgingly.  

Before, leaving my online friends at home made me worry that I was neglecting them.  So silly of me to think that I should live more in the virtual world than in the real.  I look back and analyse this behaviour and see that it was related to my retirement.  The freedom to do whatever and whenever got the better of me and I found myself enjoying the virtual life.  It was fun while it lasted but now I am living in the real world.  It could be likened to taking a long vacation but now it's over and I'm back on terra firma.  

Now, I have had more time to think about me and how I spend my days.  I don't have to worry about responding to comments or seeing how people inadvertently show their true selves.  While it did take a while for me to get over some of the online toxic stuff, there is always enough goodness to replace those things.  

We are like sponges and we absorb whatever we are exposed to.  Thankfully if we listen to enough blessings and good news, the negativity can be reversed.  That's God's Grace in Action.

We can count on God.  For me that's counting on what really counts.

Image from WWW