Sunday, October 18, 2015

34 years to go....

Image from Pinterest
Recently I was at the celebration of a nonagenarian!  Yes, not a birthday party but truly a celebration because not many people reach the age of 90.

I searched my memory for another person of the same age and I couldn't!!

What is it like to be 90?  If my Aunt Therese Fitzgerald is anyone to go by, then it must be wonderful. I watched her sitting so beautiful and poised at the main table and saw how she enjoyed all the family and friends surrounding her.  The love and energy in the room was tangible.  

I wonder what goes on in the mind of someone at that age.  I see others, some even younger, in the Nursing Home who are physically and mentally challenged.  Aunt Therese is still alert and shows a keen interest in everyone and everything.  Is this the secret?

The elegant Therese Fitzgerald

I don't know if I will even see 90 but if I do, I hope that I will have kept my mind intact and still be able to recognise all my loved ones.  I also hope that I will have the ageless beauty and serenity of Therese Fitzgerald

A long way to go......... 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mid-October and Christmas is around the corner :)

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Unbelievably, it's mid-October already.  

I love October for many reasons.  People start talking about Christmas during this month. Even stores and malls begin promoting Christmas things alongside the Halloween stuff.  

Some of my friends already think of putting up their Christmas tree so that they will be able to have everything ready when November comes.  I'm not one of them.

Our home in KL hasn't had any Christmas decoration since I left. The kids are either here with us in Singapore or in Sabah so it makes no sense to put anything up.  When I was still there, it was fun transforming the home into a Christmas wonderland.  I suppose I would be willing to do it all over again when the grandchildren come. *grins*

Over the last four years, I've noticed that Singapore stocks Halloween items so there must be a demand, hence the supply. While I am tempted to buy, I refrain.  I just take photos of the interesting displays.

Anyway, back to a reality check and a reminder to myself about the five points in the image.