Tuesday, February 28, 2017

End of February Thoughts

Image from WWW

I didn't want to end the month without a single entry so I browsed some images and found this that I like.

Many people like to say they know me and that they can quote me but that cannot be true.  I change everyday.  I think we all do.  One day we're an introvert and on another day, the extrovert comes out.

There were many times in my life that people saw a shadow of who the real me is.  Those people are the ones that spend time with me. They are the ones who accept that who I am in public isn't always who I am in private. In fact, the private me is very private.  I don't find it easy to share that with everyone.  Besides, not everyone wants to see that side, either.  Most want to see the happy, generous and playful side of others because it's too much trouble to go beneath all that.

I've heard people say that I've said something but when taken out of context, it can be hard to understand.  I admit that I am proud of some things that I have actually said but when people say that I've said something and it isn't true, I wonder about it.  In fact, it used to bother me but now it barely touches my surface.  It is no longer an issue if people who really know me believe untruths.

This is real life. 

I've also found that in today's world, it's so easy to get affected by what goes on.  In an instant, somebody irritates you and you allow that to flow into everything.  There's no simmering of emotions. Everything is explosive.  I must respond. I must react.  The fight or flight takes hold and no backing off until I do something.

Long ago, before the internet abounded with people hurting each other with their stories, words or actions, there was time to heal and even forget.  Now, it's never like that.  People judge instantly and find their joy there.  

Yeah, so I have learnt to know who I am and also to know whose I am.  If I hold on to that, I'll be fine and the world can just go on turning and churning.  My hope is in the Lord and He guides and guards me from all harm and danger.