Saturday, August 04, 2018

You know who you are!

Over time, I have written about people on my blog.  I think they deserved credit for the part they played in my life.  And even if I hadn't said anything on my blog about someone, I definitely would have told them directly via a personal call or message.

I wouldn't put it on social media and say, "Thanks to all the people who were there. You know who you are".  

It's so common to see people share a personal note of thanks and gratitude with a blanket line to "You know who you are". Well, if you do know them, why not mention them?  How many could there have been?  Even if it's a big number, why be so vague about who they are.

If you're thanking everyone present, I understand but if you're only referring to a handful then the right thing to do is to say who they are!

And strangely, it seems to be considered a nice way to convey a sentiment.  No, it's not!

If I'm thankful or grateful, I'll let you know who you are.  After all, I know who you are.  And a kind and thoughtful person sometimes doesn't even know they were doing something more than expected. That's just who they are and we should appreciate them for that.

But we can be the change and go out of our way to show them that nothing is unnoticed.