Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lucky and carefree?

These days I find that I am quite easily contented with little. Maybe it has to do with wanting less from people and also from life.  

I also know that choices have something to do with this new attitude and philosophy.  I practise being good to me and it's becoming a nice habit.  

If the world views this as being lucky and carefree then I agree.  It's a blessing, indeed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This thing I do...

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Since April this year, I've had a change of lifestyle.  I somehow slipped into it without feeling or noticing that it was actually something sudden.

Perhaps it was best that I hadn't realised it because this meant that I didn't waste time analysing the whys and wherefores.  I just had to do it and I did.  

I'm sure it's the right thing to do but I wonder if it's a hard thing to do.  Some people think so and that's why this crossed my mind.

I don't think I've been unhappy.  In fact, I believe that I'm happier. Being of value to someone and making a difference, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can subconsciously add to one's self-esteem.

The right thing and the hard thing when done with love and a positive attitude can produce good vibes.

When ability meets with availability, everything is easy to do.

So this thing I do, works in a good way for me.

Friday, August 14, 2015

She's 79 today


My mom-in-law is 79 today.

I have asked her if she wanted to go out to celebrate but she was not interested. All she wanted is chee cheong fun.  Her simple request made me think a lot about people who want so many things. To me, it's such a practical and down-to-earth thing to ask for.

I've learnt that when one gets older, one doesn't really need much to be happy.  A birthday doesn't bring a long list of requests for this or that.

We did celebrate with a birthday balloon and cake.  But even as she was glad for all those things, she asked, "where's my chee cheong fun?".  That's typical of her, always direct, practical and straightforward!!!!

I hope when I'm 79 I'll also have so few needs or wants and that a simple meal will be enough to cheer me up.

After singing and eating, I asked what her wish is for today and she replied, "Long life".

May she remain well all the days of her life. 
In Jesus' name I pray. 

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Singapore celebrates the big 50!

Image received via whatsapp

My day started with coffee made by my husband (Hebrews: get it!).

First thing on our agenda was to attend the 8.30 am service at NCC because we enjoy everything, everytime we are there.

We were early and while waiting, Stephen turned to me and said, "It's Singapore's celebration today and I want you to know how blessed and grateful I am that you're here with me.  I appreciate everything you do for me.  I'm so glad you're my wife"

I found it very hard to concentrate after that.  His words touched me so deeply.  I'm writing this because I want to remember this moment and some others that really makes me feel so glad to be alive.

Yesterday, I had my Long Term Visit Pass extended for another five years and just like three years ago, it was done on the eve of the National Day.

The excitement began to grow when I saw this goodie bag with some cute stuff inside.  There are dozens of designs but I love this particular one because it depicts Singapore in so many ways.  Each household gets only one and Stephen gave it to me!!!

I took this picture!

AND we had free transport to and fro this morning.  Everyone was smiling and happy.  It seemed, to me, like a rather nice way to give back to the millions of commuters.

I took this picture

Today's church service touched on the jubilee year (Leviticus 25: 8-10) which is a nice and blessed co-incidence.  One of three already but the day is still young, I expect more and maybe a miracle too!
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The best thing for me is that I get to celebrate it with a very patriotic Singaporean. We're ready for the National Day Parade which will start at 5.45 pm.  

As I reflect on what Stephen said to me, this morning, I cannot help but feel extremely blessed today. 

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Sunday, August 02, 2015

I know enough now!

Not always but sometimes I do feel that I am not doing enough for the people in my life. Then I take a step back and look at what I'm doing and I ask myself if I'm doing my best.  For sure, my answer will be "yes" since I'm being my own judge.

Now I go one step further by also checking if while doing my best, I'm also being my best for me.  If the answer is "yes" again, then I know I'm on the right track.

I still feel guilty at times (not often) that I am spending too much time on my HP.  But if I'm not on my HP, I'd be reading a real book or watching TV or listening to the news or browsing youtube music videos.  My HP provides one platform for all of these things.  So it's not about spending time on my HP.  I'm just doing many different things with it. 

At that precise moment, I stopped analysing my time on the HP. I know enough now to enjoy it and also stay in touch with the people I love.  

End of story.