Monday, June 30, 2014

Spoiled or Spoilt

Pic from WWW

I guess this must be an image from America because of the word 'spoiled'.  Apparently, the US uses it while the majority of the English-speaking world prefer the term "spoilt". Well, no matter what the spelling, it sums up exactly where I am today.

Long ago before we got married, Stephen told me that all I needed to do was love him and he'd do the rest.  It was not something I took lightly and it was quite a romantic declaration.  Often, I think of that moment, smile and feel fuzzy all over.  I must be a romantic at heart! LOL

That thought did play a huge part in my decision to get married and he has not asked for anything more than that.  Bless his soul.

I would never have believed that it would be so simple. 

Love begets love.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Close to Perfection

Image picked up from Facebook

If only...

It really would be wonderful if I could find a bed like this.  

And while I'm dreaming, I'd need a cook to prepare  and serve my meals.
~ ~ ~

June has been a very busy month for me.  I hadn't realised that I neglected my blog.  But all is well, a short holiday took up my first week.  I intended to blog about it but didn't get around to putting my thoughts in words.

Then I enrolled in a six-week course which really ate up all my free time.  But I am enjoying it and feel a tad sad that it's ending soon but I solved that by signing up for another one scheduled in October this year. 

When all is said and done and when life seems perfect, there really isn't much time to sit and write.  But I force myself so that I can return one day and remember the blissful moments.

June has been near perfect. July promises to be even better.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Feeling amazing

I saw this recently on Facebook and reading through points 1 to 15, I can check off all of them.  

I have had some pretty amazing moments in my life.

Today is one of them.  It marks the anniversary of when I first joined the Embassy at the age of 33.  

Of course, I retired  2 years ago after spending two-thirds of my life there but if I had stayed I would be celebrating 22 years today.  Okay, do your calculation. I'm 55 already.  

I wonder if one day I will no longer feel the strong attachments that I still feel. 

Maybe a trip to Peru will be the antidote.