Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just like in the movies....

Toa Payoh Outdoor Stadium

This is my new playground.  It's only five minutes away by bus from where we stay.  Although it looks empty in this picture, there are many people who find it fun to be here when the gates open at 4.30 am.  

Stephen usually cycles to the stadium and then he walks: starting from Lane 8 and working his way down to Lane 1.  Then he cycles home or he goes for a swim.  

If he had started on this earlier, he could have easily participated in a triathlon.  Who knows?  Maybe he will, one day!

Recently, I followed him to the stadium. Previously, my habit was to stay on the sidewalk and make my way around the block, covering between two to four kilometers. This time, I wanted to see if there was any difference between walking inside the stadium and outside.

The thing is that when we watch movies, we always have the background music and it lends an air of drama to any scene.  In real life, there is no music and often I have wondered about this.  You can walk on the beach with your loved one and everything is perfect but there's no music! You're running around and there should be some lively accompaniment to the dashing all over.  

Anyway, this evening as I was making my way through the lanes, I had my headphones on and it dawned on me that it was like being in the movies.

You walk around, under a clear blue sky and if you have music that soothes your soul, you can get lost in the moment. There are other people around you but every other sound is locked out except for the music and the magical feeling.

I have gone walking with my headphones before but only today I realised that this is how it has always been in the movies, there is music!

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