Monday, November 03, 2014

Doing nothing

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I still get interrogated by working people about how I can bear doing nothing. Somehow there is that underlying suspicion that I am faking being happy since I have nothing to do.  

It seems to be an easily-acceptable theory that if you have nothing to do then you can't be happy. Likewise, if you have something to do and you don't do it, then you definitely can't be happy.

The thing I most enjoy is when I have something to do but I don't because I can choose not to do it. 

There isn't anyone that I want to impress or someone that I have to take orders from.  This liberty is what I enjoy so much.

I do agree that sometimes we need to be doing something in order to feel a sense of fulfilment.  But there is no harm in also doing nothing.  I've practically done nothing much these last two years. I'm not any the worse for it.  My mind is still alert and I've not turned into a couch potato.  

Surely there must not be so much fun running around doing one thing after another.

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I think we had it drummed into our heads that we shouldn't rest on our laurels.  Having that wired into our DNA we forget that being still is just as important.  After all, isn't it biblical to "Be Still".

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