Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Countdown: Chrstmas eve already

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It's been a remarkable month despite some hiccups! I've enjoyed having a post-a-day countdown to Christmas.  It's helped me to remember that I have to get things in order and also to stay focussed on the reason for Christmas.

Too many people get caught up with all the decorations and have so little room in their lives for the more important things.  There are some who scoff at others who don't have a lavish spread on the table or enough cakes/cookies to feed an army.  But the true spirit of the season is to spare a thought for those in need.  

Did you do anything for anybody this Christmas?  I hope you can answer "YES".   If not, there's still time. Give something to someone in need.  Touch a life and change their day!

Meanwhile, here's a pre-Christmas wish to all of you!

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