Friday, September 04, 2015


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I have tons of friends.  While this is what many would also say, I'm sure most would agree that some of our friends are really just friends when things go their way and the moment that it doesn't, WOOOOOOOOSH, out come the expletives and all the negativity.

It seems that a friend is supposed to never say NO, never disagree, never disappoint and surely never to rock the boat.  If this is the criteria, I fail, fail, fail and surely fail.

For me, friends are the ones with whom I will have differences of opinions and/or with whom I am able to say "I cannot" because they will love me just the same.

What I've learnt is that friends will come and friends will go but the good ones will always be there and will always remain in your lives.

Dumbledore got it right!  *grins*
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I'm mightily blessed that in the last year, I've had only good people in my circle.  *clasps hands in prayer of thanksgiving*

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