Monday, January 02, 2017

First Monday of 2017

Image from WWW

I had intended to wake up early but slept till nearly 10 am.  But as Dodinsky advises, I'm letting it go.

I plan to have a better year.  How?  I'm not quite sure yet.  I'll just take one day at a time instead of writing down what I intend to do for the rest of 2017.  

2016 saw the culmination of some planned events but it was also the impromptu ones that left a warm, fuzzy feeling in me.

We ended last year on a high. Literally, high up on the 58th level in the Swissotel-The Stamford and on the 60th level for breakfast and evening cocktails.

I'm going to do a collage of some photos for, as Stephen puts it, "taking our love to a higher level".  Next blogpost will be about that.  *grins*


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    1. Finally getting here to see this and half a year has gone by. It's been good. Could be better but then the best is yet to come, right?