Friday, March 02, 2018

Seriously, not serious!

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And there it is, I missed a whole month of blogging.  This is what happens when you have Netflix and you start following TV shows which have so many seasons.  

But life is always fun even with all the ups and downs because of Stephen.  He can make me laugh and we can be completely stupid with each other and it's so invigorating.  Having an unusual sense of humour is how we survived before we met each other and now it's how we survive anything and everything that comes our way.  

They say that we shouldn't laugh at people and that the right thing to do is to laugh with them.  With us, it's not possible.  He laughs at me and I laugh at him.  Maybe we are at that comfort level where we can do so without judgement.

Seriously, it's fun and makes me look at life less seriously.  

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