Thursday, March 26, 2015

Douglas Cheow

Image from Pinterest

Dear Douglas, 

Honestly I don't miss you like I used to. It's much easier now that I no longer feel the dull ache anymore.  

Now when I think of you, it's always about happy memories of moments in our lifetime.  

Nothing has changed and yet so much has changed. That's the enigma of love.  

Today is one of those days when I consciously think of you and I feel a deep sense of closeness to you for all the years that we shared.  It gives me a sense of comfort and helps me feel grounded.  

I do thank God for the life we had and I still miss you. Not in the same way or intensity as I did when you first died but it's still there in odd moments.

Many of your friends still remember you and it always makes me smile that though you are gone, you are not totally forgotten.  

Today, I'll be thinking of you and the memories will make me smile.

Love from Lita <3