Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Going Green

Pic from FB
Okay, the title is misleading.  This is nothing about being environmentally friendly.  

It's about people who weren't happy and went looking for it elsewhere.  When I saw this picture, I wondered about myself.  

Am I now on the other side because I was unhappy?  I don't remember being unhappy.  I think this doesn't apply to me because 'the other side' for me was where my heart belonged.

It was not easy to make a decision to move.  The grass was green where I was but I think it had to do with me.  Now that I am here, the grass is also green and it also has to do with me.

There lies the secret to where the grass is greener.  It's where YOU give it your love and attention.  

Some left their homeland for the children's education and I think I understand that.  

Some left for political reason and unwillingly, I would imagine.

Some really just wanted a change.  It's not a totally bad thing either.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons why people move away.  Yet, the longing for home remains unabated.  No matter how much they rant and rave about their new location, the ties can't be cut completely.

Rarely do we see or hear of anyone who moves on and never looks back.  Everybody looks back, even if it's once in a while.  The only time that they don't do this, is when it was all bad.  But life is never really all bad.  The good times in our memory usually override the bad ones.  At least, this is true in my case.

Everyone tells me I have a good memory.  I think I do.  Of late, I realise that I am consciously keeping only good memories.  Letting go and forgetting about the sad or bad ones is an ongoing challenge.

Some people say they left for greener pastures.  Really?  Why didn't they go for the greenest pasture?  Green, greener and greenest are all relative, in this case.

Besides, I have a feeling that some people who moved on to greener pastures are green with envy at those who stayed.

And before you clobber me, you shouldn't feel anything if you left your homeland, not for greener pastures but for the right reason.

That's what I did.


  1. Betul: green, greener, greenest - it's all relative, isn't it?

    We have the let's-move gene in us, inherited from our forebears who moved here from wherever they were. In some of us, it has been reactivated (not a bad thing, like you say), and in others, it's stayed dormant.

    For me, the grass is greener where my husband and children are ;)

    1. Precisely! It's all relative.

      Yet, those who apparently left for greener pastures say it as if those left behind in the green pastures are losers.

      Downright condescending, methinks!

  2. I've only moved twice in my life: from my hometown to KL at age 20; then from KL to Pertak at age 42. You can tell I'm not overly fond of the Rolling Stones.

    1. I have moved from these places: Chow Kit/Setapak Garden/Masjid India/Damansara/Kepong/Petaling Jaya/Old Klang Road and, finally, to Singapore. :)