Monday, June 10, 2013

Coffee Morning

Pic from FB

Coffee Morning used to have a different meaning when I was working.  Now it's a simple pleasure I enjoy as soon as I am up!

Last night was rather warm and I woke up without the blanket.  Usually I sleep with it draped over my shoulders and arms.  So when I realise that there is no blanket on me, I know that somewhere during my sleep, I had pushed it away.  The brain works for us even when we are not conscious of it.

My morning routine is usually to check my phone and emails, get on FB and catch up with news while sipping my coffee.  No, wait a minute, the first thing I do is to open the back windows before anything else.  It's an automatic act that I no longer think of it as the first real thing I do.  Okay, even I thought that sounded weird.  Somehow the things that are second nature to us becomes habit and we do it without thinking, like washing up and brushing teeth.  You know what I mean.  Don't you?

Anyway, my routine is to open the back window, look at the sky and breathe in the moment.  There's something about it that reminds me of infinity.  This morning, it was dark and gloomy.  We all know that it means rain is imminent.  

What do I see?  I see a huge backyard.  Okay, not my backyard but a huge one that I consider a part of my world.  There is a gigantic tree, almost 10 stories tall that is majestic, surrounded on three sides by the tall apartments that surround it.  It isn't directly in front of my window so it doesn't block the natural light.  There are shrubs as well and the well-manicured lawns are always a sight for sore eyes. There's something about looking at greenery all year round that makes everything fresh and refreshing.  If ever there is a stray plastic bag or bits of thrash callously thrown by idiots, they are usually gone by the next day.

In Singapore, it is common to see apartments that are back to back. We are fortunate not to have anything directly in front.  At the back, I am happy that we are separated from the next block by this lovely and pretty stretch of flora and fauna. I don't know how many times I have just stood at the window just looking at it all. Note to self:  I should take more pictures.  Better pictures, I should add.

I have wondered many times if I am the only one who  appreciates the beauty in all of it.  I look at the numerous windows in front of me and I am curious if there is someone else, like me, who enjoys just looking at the sky and the green, green grass of home. (Now the song is stuck in my head!).

Why am I writing all this?  I guess I have the hope that my grandchildren will be able to formulate a picture of these things when they read this one day.  I do not know if I will always live here.  They many never know anything except for this glimpse into what I see everyday.

I can hear their questions already, "Grandma, can we go see the majestic tree?" or "Who is that man in the picture?".  Hahahahahaha!

Part of the view from my back window.


  1. Reading this puts you in a place and time for me. And yes, years from now, your grandchildren will ask you about this day - and what else will you remember of it? And: Who IS that man in the picture? Is he the regular grass-cutter or is he a new face?

    One of the reasons I enjoy an autobiography is similar to why I enjoyed reading this: It makes someone real. And, if it is from long, long ago, it gives me a small slice of what life must've been like then.

    Also: I feel the same in old, old buildings, like churches; and paths that have been around for centuries - how many people, just like me, had their feet planted in this very spot. Just blows my mind.

    1. I agree. There are moments in life that define where we were. When I did the Project 366, I inadvertently recorded an event every single day. The other day I was browsing through the album and was transported back to those times. The memories made me smile.

      I hope that my immediate family will find some joy in reading what I write. If not now, then sometime in the distant future.

      Old buildings, churches and well-travelled paths have a magical feel about them. Like you, they also have an effect on me.

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