Saturday, June 08, 2013

How long does it take?

After reading a book, how long does it take before you can start the next one? 

Sometimes I need at least 24 hours before I can pick up a new book to read.  I get so wrapped up in the story I read that I almost need a debriefing and some time to unwind so that I can start fresh on a new story.

My neighbour generously gave me a set of Reader's Digest books.  Albeit condensed stories, they are easy reading and I have so far only ticked off two from the thirty-two titles.  The reason for not attacking these is only because I had four borrowed books from the library.  Now that I'm done with them, I shall continue with the remaining stories.  The first on my list in the set was "A Prisoner of Birth" by Jeffrey Archer and then I went on to Nicholas Sparks. 

I broke out of the OCD mindset to read the stories as they appeared in the book by starting with one of my favourite authors and then jumped to the next one who was  recommended to me.  Ordinarily, I would have read the stories in order of how I stacked the books.  The defiant gene in me is still strong.  

There are many authors in the series that I had never read before. Hence, this would be a good way to find out if I will like their style of writing.  I don't think I have a favourite author.  I read whatever catches my interest these days.  When I retired, I thought that I would read biographies because now I have the time but some of them put me to sleep.  It felt akin to studying history.  Hence, I've put them aside for now and am into light reading of fiction novels.  

I just finished my book yesterday and haven't felt able to pick up the next one yet.  Sometimes when the story is riveting, I am left with wanting more.  I don't want it to end.  

While I announced to Stephen that I finished my book, I also told him that I couldn't start the next one yet.  He found it amusing!  

So let me know how long it takes you before you can move on to the next book?


  1. A day or two; sometimes, even longer - it all depends on how much the ideas in the story moved me. If Chuan had already read the book, I'd discuss it with him - though often, he won't remember the little bits I want to talk about :( He reads for the story, and the action. I read for that too, of course, but I also love the characters and the characterisation, and sometimes, Chuan will indulge me on that! Nice!

    While I wait for the 'right' time to start on the next book, I'll look through the titles I have and try to find one that feels right. All the titles are ones I've chosen myself, so many people find that odd! Hahahaha.

    I believer there is a right time, and a wrong time to read a particular story. Say your mum is getting on your nerves, for example. The last thing you'd want to pick up is a book about the mother-daughter relationship, no?!

    It could be a book where the two of them got on very well, but that would only irritate you, and you'd keep going, 'Yah right!'

    Or, it could be about a horrid relationship where they're feuding non-stop. That won't help either: it would only provide more fuel for your fire ;)

    1. Wow, I am not alone! AND of course you are right about the theme of the story, which is what reading is all about. We want to be transported to another place and time, not tortured! LOL

      All the more, I can't wait to see which story will arouse my interest next.

      But today I found the cross-stitch in a drawer and I'm drawn (pun intended) to it now. :)