Wednesday, August 07, 2013


This exhibition touched me in a personal way for two reasons.  The main being that my uncle Rufino Soliano was featured as one of the Singaporeans who made a contribution to his country.  On another note would be that many of us still practise the Filipino culture of the young taking hold of the elder person's hand to kiss, upon meeting and greeting, as a form of deep respect.  Hence, this showcase of Hands is very meaningful.  From looking at the people who were there, it was plain to see that many were surprised to have been remembered.  For this reason alone, it is worth it.

Rufino Soliano is the patriach of the family and this word is used because he is the oldest of five brothers (Rufino, Antonio, Francisco, Mauricio and Maximo).

Last night as I went to bed, some words were twirling around and this morning I sat at my computer to write this before I forget any of it.
One of the notes from the
Memo Pool at the National Library
His Hands!

These are the hands
that conducted bands
in many foreign lands

These are the hands
that make amends
when no one understands

These are the hands
that have the strands
of love for all his friends

These are the hands
whose love withstands
in all of God's real plans

These are Rufino's hands!

Rufino in his Godfather's role!


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    1. Thank you, Pat! Can't keep the words in when they surface! <3

  2. Definitely... a musical mafia, the Solianos :-D xoxox

    1. That is just a lovely comment. I will mention it to my uncle. I think it'll bring a smile to his face. :)

  3. Go read this :



    1. Awwwwwwww I'd forgotten all about it. Nice memory and hugs back for you and Lucy.