Friday, August 02, 2013

Zoned out on...

Pic from FB

Yesterday, while Stephen was resting after his night shift, I took a bus ride to Geylang, by myself. It's not an altogether long ride but being on my own with nobody to distract me, I actually found myself zoned out from all that was around me.  No thoughts were in my head.  No words were shared with anybody.  I felt so contented and at peace with everything. My guardian angel must have nudged me back to earth because I suddenly realised that I had to get down from the bus.

Stephen gave me perfect instructions and I found myself in an area that I recognised.  I headed for the Geylang Serai New market where we had a sumptuous dinner just two days ago.  Both of us enjoyed the meal and when we tasted the serunding (meat floss), it didn't disappoint.

So your Mission, Lita, if you choose to accept it, is to get more serunding and the blackout curtains which you saw.

I don't know if the mission was a success or a failure.  Success because I found so many lovely things to buy or failure because I ended up with more than I set out to get.

My backpack was filled to the brim and weighed a ton. Never shop on an empty stomach they say and it's true.  I bought so much to eat not realising there are only two of us.  Nothing was wasted though as Stephen took the remaining kueh-mueh to work.

What did I get?  

First, the non-perishable goods!
1 set of two pieces full-length blackout curtains at S$20 (usual price S$39)
1 batik dress for my MIL for Raya (why not?)
3 blouses for me (couldn't resist)
1 hand-held sewing device (so cute)

Now, the consumables!
2 packs of beef serunding (delicious!)
1 packet of prawn serunding (something new)
1 packet of putu piring, consisting of 5 pieces! (the best I've had)
1 packet of seri muka
1 packet of kuih bingka
1 packet of kuih dadar
1 packet of roti jala and chicken curry
1 packet of nasi beriyani
All pictures from the WWW.

HOMAIGAWD, we had a feast!!!


  1. I love seri muka. Harks back to the days when my godma made excellent kueh-mueh. Raya 's coming, so more scrumptious food! Happy Raya.

    1. I love seri muka also. But it's harder to find putu piring in the shops so I walloped that first! After 5 pieces, I was too full for the seri muka! :(

      Will go again before Raya for the final round before they close shop.

      Thanks for dropping by.