Wednesday, September 04, 2013

An unexpected delight!!!

So they spelt my name wrongly!  Instead of Soliano, it became Solidano.  It annoyed the teacher in me but the niece in me got over it quickly.

In any case, it is not about me but about Rufino Soliano.  What an extraordinary life he has led throughout his musical career.  The music he has shared touched every level of society here in Singapore.

Maybe the young may have forgotten him and maybe only the people of the older generation remember his name when he was at the helm of the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.  It really doesn't matter because his music will live on forever.

There is a saying that (Every man should) plant a tree, have a child, and write a book. These all live on after us, insuring a measure of immortality. – attributed to the Talmud and Jose Martí, Cuban revolutionary and poet.

I think Rufino Soliano accomplished all these in his own way.  

While I have had letters to Editors of Newspapers published in Malaysia, this is my first print in Singapore.  I am certainly proud of myself.

Likewise, I am so pleased that the National Library Board saw fit to share this poem I wrote.  Thank you NLB for this kindness.  The gesture is very much appreciated.  


  1. I am so proud of you! And now, I have bragging rights and can say, "My friend's poem was published . . . ." How cool is that? :)

    1. Heck, I have bragging rights now. Hahahahahahaha. Thank you for always supporting everything I do. xoxoxo

  2. First time here
    Hope to read more in future

    1. Hello Umi

      So nice of you to take time to comment. I'm having a look at your blog and see your Chicken Kurma. I am now drooling.