Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Pic from Facebook

Saw this on FB some time ago and I saved it because I wanted to write about it.

Some People are quick to give out Labels to others... 

They may try to label others as the quiet one, the loud obnoxious one, the sick one, the fat one, the thin one, the well-off one or the 'down and out' one... etc

But before you sew those Labels into the fabric of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, make sure they are going to Serve you. 

Don't become a servant to Labels that don't lift you up or help you in some way! 

It can be hard to do, but you know yourself better than anyone else on this Planet. Know yourself, believe in yourself, and stay true to yourself! 

Everyone has value and something to give our wonderful world. And we dont need to take on board other peoples 'crap' opinions - sometimes I wonder if they are just projecting their own self beliefs out there to make themselves feel better... ♥ Jen

I suppose it is normal to have these labels in our heads.  I don't suppose we can control how we feel.  

Yet, doesn't it surprise you when you hear of a label that someone has put on you?  Doesn't it just make you go wide-eyed and wonder where that came from?

I've been labelled short, fat and black.  Not recently but recent enough for me to still remember it!

I don't know where that came from.  Did it bother me?  No, not at all. It made me smile.  There's nothing wrong with being short, fat or black!  I've family and friends covering the whole gamut of these three words.

The truth is that by Asian standards I am not considered short.  At 165 cm I believe that I am slightly above average.  Fat?  Well, maybe pleasantly plump might be a better adjective.  But when this was said, I believe that I wasn't fat, yet!  Hahahahaha.  Don't we all think we aren't until we see a reflection in the mirror?

Now the last label appears to be about my complexion but I don't know for certain.  Usually the word is dark when talking about skin colour. 

This choice of word is interesting.  Black!  Nobody, in their right mind, who has seen me in real life or in a picture would describe me as black.  Some malice was intended there, for sure!  

The truth is that the labels don't hurt because they are just opinions and nothing else.  

If you have to label people, use the good ones.  The unfair ones are like the cheap stickers and they don't stick well.  


  1. Hi, how you doin'? Ha ha, love this posting. Its true about people labelling others. Oh well, that's life...
    Anyway, we live our life as how we want it to be....to live life with no excuses, to love with no regrets.
    To me every woman is beautiful, no matter skin colour, whatever....it's a woman's personality where her real beauty lies.
    We have a couple of lady friends here origin from the Caribbean Islands, and one even though a mother of two is exceptionally beautiful. Looks like Beyonce.
    Other one too....
    And those from Ghana people label as 'coffee colour' but they have a beauty of their own...beautiful complexions.
    Anyway, looking at your profile pic, you're looking good...still can make men take a double look, maybe walk into a lamppost, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

    1. Awwwwww, flattery always brings a smile to any normal woman. Thank you for the kind words. I agree with you that every woman is beautiful.

      It's good that you took the time to share your thoughts. They are much appreciated. :)