Monday, December 16, 2013

Doing it all over again

Pic from FB

It's been years since I had to look after a child.  Child here meaning someone below twelve years of age.

Thankfully, it's much like riding a bicycle.  One never forgets. The motherly instincts kick in and everything moves on auto-pilot.  

Stephen and I had the pleasure and the joy of having a ten-year old boy with us for two weeks. 

It was planned and unplanned.  We had expected him to be with us this December but we hadn't fixed the date.  Some events shifted his visit to the end of November but it worked out well for us.

Stephen loves children and they all love him back, with the same intensity.  Josef is no exception.  Watching them act, react and interact was more fun than I thought possible.  

Here are some picture collages of his stay.  We must have taken over a 1000 shots with our HPs, Tab, iPad and camera!  LOL

Of course, the highlight of the trip was spending a whole day at Universal Studios.  For that day, I'm doing a youtube clip but for now, these selected pictures tell their own story.


  1. What a lucky boy to have you & Stephen as his Aunt & Uncle.
    He will never forget this holiday Lita, and neither will you both xxxx

    1. Thank you for writing here. Most of our family and friends tend to leave a note on FB. So I do appreciate your dropping by.

      Thankfully, we stay in touch with Josef on FB.