Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MH 370 news

Image from FB

Just like everyone else, I have been watching the news and reading all the articles that people are sharing about the missing plane.

Breaking from my usual routine, I've had the TV switched on as soon as I wake up and I listen for updates.  And just like a news junkie, I have been online looking at photos and reading stories that were circulating on FB.  

As if that isn't enough, Stephen and I talk about it in every opportunity and whenever possible, we catch the press conference at 5.30 pm.  Such is our life since the plane mysteriously disappeared.

Knowing that the spouse of our friend is on board makes it just that little bit personal for us.

So much has been written and re-written and so much has been exaggeration and embellishment!  Where, indeed, lies the difference?  Just as we feel it's reaching saturation point, another theory emerges and then it starts all over again, everyone chips in with their views.  

With all that has been going on, one thing that crossed my mind is that we deal with uncertainties and tragedies in our own unique way.  

There are self-appointed FB police saying what should or should not be posted. I understand why they feel that way even when I don't agree that they should tell people what to do.  

My daily wish is for them to find the plane and soon because the families of all those on board deserve a respite from the media glare. 

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