Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring-ing into action!

Those in the northern hemisphere experienced some of the coldest days of their lives because of the polar vortex. Many have expressed, non-stop, how they were looking forward to Spring.  Of course, those of us living in the tropics can only sympathise with mild amusement.

And on the subject of Spring, I started spring-cleaning when I was back in Kuala Lumpur for five days last month and took the opportunity to go through my cupboard.  Always at the back of my mind was a remote chance that I would re-enter the working world and that I should keep my office wardrobe.  However, Stephen (God bless his heart) will not hear of it.

Now that I have embraced this retirement totally, I decided that I really have to rid myself of the clothes that I hadn't worn in two years.

The image made me smile and even if I will not be wearing any of those clothes again, giving them away was not so easy.  BUT common sense got the better of me and I managed to clear my cupboard of maybe another thirty pieces.  It's amazing how many pieces I have amassed during my working years.  

I like to believe that I have given away at least half of what was in my wardrobe.  I seem to be giving, giving, giving and yet there is still so much to sort through.

If I promise to clear at least twenty each time I return to KL, I shall have taken a huge step in overcoming this sentimental relationship with my clothes.  

Next on my list, is the cupboard in Singapore.

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