Friday, April 11, 2014

The lost days

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There was so much I wanted to write, so much I wanted to say but the words were jumbled up in my head.  The euphoria of my birthday hadn't even dissipated yet when I had some tragic news. 

BUT today's post isn't about being sad.  Today is about remembering some extraordinary moments that make me feel glad to be alive.   Plus I want to save these here so I can revisit.

Pre- and post-birthday highlights:

The first wish came from Australia, two days before my actual birthday and that prompted FB wishers to follow suit.  In a way, it was fun because it built up some excitement which I don't usually have for my birthday.

First Wish:  From John Khoo
First Birthday Card:  Arrived by mail from my Aunt Corazon.  
First Youtube Clip:  From Shar (OBE) :)
First Surprise Call:  From the florist, was supposed to be a surprise bouquet of flowers.  LOL
First WhatsApp Video:  From Gumi (love the little girl singing Happy Birthday)

Lunch was at Swensen's and Dinner was at Serenity Spanish Bar and Restaurant .  

All in, it was a lovely day filled with calls, late night FB chats, WhatsApp messages, smses, emails, and the usual multitude of FB wishes.

I should add that being in Singapore with Stephen, on my birthday, is something I do not take for granted. We had spent too many birthdays apart.  

However, I have to admit that there was one wish that stood out.  It was just a simple but delightful email from an ex-colleague. There's a little story there and I'll share it in the next post.  

Remembering all these things make me smile again. 

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