Saturday, June 28, 2014

Close to Perfection

Image picked up from Facebook

If only...

It really would be wonderful if I could find a bed like this.  

And while I'm dreaming, I'd need a cook to prepare  and serve my meals.
~ ~ ~

June has been a very busy month for me.  I hadn't realised that I neglected my blog.  But all is well, a short holiday took up my first week.  I intended to blog about it but didn't get around to putting my thoughts in words.

Then I enrolled in a six-week course which really ate up all my free time.  But I am enjoying it and feel a tad sad that it's ending soon but I solved that by signing up for another one scheduled in October this year. 

When all is said and done and when life seems perfect, there really isn't much time to sit and write.  But I force myself so that I can return one day and remember the blissful moments.

June has been near perfect. July promises to be even better.  I can't wait!

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