Monday, August 11, 2014

Listen and learn

I may not be considered an exceptional family member or friend but I do consider myself an exceptionally good listener.  They say that most people listen with the intention to reply and I am guilty of that sometimes but I am also capable of just listening.

I used to think that I would be able to solve people's problems but I'm over that already.  I realise that people just want to talk and they are always on the lookout for an eager listener.  Even if they don't know it themselves and even if they won't admit it, they will gravitate towards the one who listens.

When I saw this image on Facebook, in my mind, I thought of the people who appreciate that I listen to them when they need to let it out.  Do they know it is an effort not to offer advice or give an opinion! Probably not, as the state they are in wouldn't allow them to think of the person listening.  They just want to get it off their chest!  

I do share a positive slant to it if I can or I give some encouragement.  Listening is a two-way street!

I think that in our subconscious mind, we search for people who we think will understand us and we are so grateful when we find that there is always someone out there who will care enough to just listen.  

And while I listen, I learn as well.  

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