Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just another day...

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There was a time when I found sleep to be the best escape from everything that hurt me.  It really helped when the mind needed rest from the painful realities of life.  However, I find that this notion has changed because time does heal all wounds.

Even the things that used to cause a terrible ache in my heart have now become dull over the years and become something I hardly think about because I've gotten so used to it.  This isn't really a bad thing because it is a better option.

For too many years, I used to dread today but, of late, I've come to treasure it.  I no longer use it as a time to feel sad and instead I take it as a checkpoint for how far I've come since then.  

Only good memories remain and much of the sadness has been replaced by happiness when I think of where he is now.

A mother's thoughts are always about their children, whether living or dead.  And they are always good ones.

The older boy just turned 28 and the younger is forever 2; in my head and heart.  

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