Friday, September 12, 2014

Both sides now

Pic from WWW

Long ago I wrote a short letter to the editor of the local newspaper and it was published.  I believe that the only reason it was picked up, is the fact that I took a neutral stand in, what was then, a very controversial event.

I can't even remember if I kept the cutting.  I suppose it wasn't as it is today, when handphones are equipped with cameras and people snap pictures of anything and everything.

Stephen and I watched the live telecast of the Pistorius verdict being read out yesterday. I liked the way Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa dealt with all the information.  She sifted through and looked only at what she felt were relevant and discarded what didn't have a bearing on the matter.  I admire the way she looked at everything objectively.  It must not be easy, in a case that has captured worldwide attention, to display such calm and composure.  I really enjoyed watching and listening to her.  (The verdict continues later today).

My thoughts went back to many situations where only one side was heard and accepted.  I suppose it's human nature to pick a side. Anyway, it's always wiser to know both sides of any story.  Sometimes both are wrong because neither is right.  Or both are right and neither is wrong. People say that in life there are no absolutes.  I think this is true.

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