Friday, January 09, 2015

Mixed news and reviews

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It's only the first week of 2015 and already there has been a bit of sad news. Two deaths so close to each other: both untimely.  Both were in their mid-fifties and when life should begin to take a slower pace.  It's tragic.

I can't help but feel a tinge of concern because death is not the end for those who believe and I can only hope that both of them believed right. 

Life goes on and I'm truly blessed that I have followed my bliss.

Often Stephen will catch me off guard by saying that he loves watching me doing my thing. I always laugh because I never even notice him watching me. Usually I am so engrossed in whatever I am doing that I don't realise he's been looking at me.  But I feel a sense of security that he's so protective of me. 

I sort of remember doing what he did when the children were small.  They'd be playing or reading or watching TV and I'd stop what I was doing just so I could freeze that moment in my mind.  I'm so glad I did that.  Those memories always make me smile.

Whether Stephen and I are home or out and about, it doesn't matter if we are doing something together or doing our own thing because we have already reached this comfortable level of intimacy.

Our quiet moments are precious moments.  

Tonight, I send a whisper of a prayer for those who had their lives snatched suddenly.  May their souls rest in peace.  

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