Friday, March 13, 2015

3 years ago

Image from Pinterest

Yesterday marked three years since I left Malaysia .  I remember having had mixed feelings when I was on my way to Singapore.  It would herald a new life and, of course, a change of lifestyle but excitement kept me going.

As I was scrolling through the images on Pinterest, I saw this and had to re-read it because it touched me in such a personal way.

Now that I am here, I no longer miss who I was. 

Who was I?

How can anyone really know? For sure, I was part of the rat race.  I didn't feel it then and it's only when I look back that I realise this.

I do miss some of the people and that's what draws me back home each time.  Other than becoming a different person today, I think that the concept of 'home' is slowly evolving for me.  Before it was always Kuala Lumpur.  Nowadays it's getting harder not to think of Singapore as "home".  

Perhaps it's the ability to adapt and move on that makes me feel this way.  And it's not a bad thing at all!  In fact, I was rather surprised when I realised just how easily I have integrated to this new life in a neighbouring country.  

Even idle talks about moving to Australia, doesn't really faze me now.  Before, any mention of it brought question marks in my mind! Now I am convinced that if we ever move to Australia or to New Zealand, I'd be fine.  

It's a discovery about myself that I find most interesting.    

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