Tuesday, March 31, 2015

LKY ~ a photo I took

I took this while queueing just outside Parliament House. Stephen and I went on Saturday (28 March 2015). He knew I was keen to go and although we had set the alarm for 2.30 am, we awoke to the update that paying last respects was suspended. Hence, we went back to sleep and I had given up any chance of going. But after lunch, he decided that we'd make a last ditch attempt.  It was his second time and my first.  Yay!

Although I took several shots while waiting around, especially in the padang (field), I like this the most because it's a blend of the old and the new. 

Standing behind this iron fence gives a perfect perspective of me: not a Singaporean but residing in Singapore.

While there was so much going on during the last week and almost an entire nation mourning the loss of such a great statesman, I can only go by what I felt personally.  Stephen and I read everything and no matter what has been written, we go by what we feel and nothing has changed.  

We still believe that LKY did his best and although he wasn't perfect, he is certainly far from imperfect. 

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