Sunday, June 28, 2015

Keep a notebook.

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I used to have a notebook when things became very busy in the office.  It helped me to remember details so I would not overlook any important matter.  While I am confident of having a pretty good memory, there are periods when we cannot trust it a hundred per cent. 

Recently when I stumbled upon an old notebook of 2011, I was pleased to see that I had made the effort to make notes because I had completely forgotten about what I had written. Some memories are nice to rekindle.

Now my notebook is in my HP.  I make notes to remind me of something for the present or the future. 

The new feature in my HP allows me to write and it's nice to flip through looking at my own handwriting. I've yet to master the art of writing neatly as when I'm using pen and paper but it works and I'm happy as long as the the content is saved.  This is all that matters so I shan't allow myself to fret over it.  

"Wasting brain space" is my favourite phrase for when I don't want to spend any more time than needed over trivial stuff.

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