Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Today in 1992

My journey, or rather one of them, started in 1992 and ended in 2012.

It seems like I never ever worked at the Embassy of Peru for twenty years.  How easy it has been to forget and leave it all behind!!!!

When I was teetering on whether or not to do it, I was in a short state of turmoil but when I decided, I just went ahead without thinking more and now it's already over three years since I've left.  

Today a reminded popped up in my online calendar that said "Peru Embassy Anniversary".  I don't even remember putting that detail in my calendar.  I must have done it since it came up together with my other appointments for the day.

Nice moment that brought when I look back at the friends I made and still contact via email or whatsapp.  

Looking back, it had molded me for the greater good.  I learnt so many things during those years and some of those lessons hold me in good stead today.  How awesome is that!!!

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