Friday, August 14, 2015

She's 79 today


My mom-in-law is 79 today.

I have asked her if she wanted to go out to celebrate but she was not interested. All she wanted is chee cheong fun.  Her simple request made me think a lot about people who want so many things. To me, it's such a practical and down-to-earth thing to ask for.

I've learnt that when one gets older, one doesn't really need much to be happy.  A birthday doesn't bring a long list of requests for this or that.

We did celebrate with a birthday balloon and cake.  But even as she was glad for all those things, she asked, "where's my chee cheong fun?".  That's typical of her, always direct, practical and straightforward!!!!

I hope when I'm 79 I'll also have so few needs or wants and that a simple meal will be enough to cheer me up.

After singing and eating, I asked what her wish is for today and she replied, "Long life".

May she remain well all the days of her life. 
In Jesus' name I pray. 

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