Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I wish...

Image picked from Twitter

Valentine's Day has come and gone.  There were so many wishes from family and friends that I was overwhelmed.  

For me, it's an over-rated event but I just love spreading the love.  I wasn't alone.  Some sent more than one wish and it was like a competition to see who sent the best image.  At the end of the day, I just couldn't choose which was my favourite.  I loved them all.

Stephen was working so it was a quiet day for us until he came home. 

How did we spend the evening?  We went to church!

It's one of the things we love doing together.  Sometimes he will say something meant only for me and which no one else would understand.  I'm sure many couples have their secret codes between them.

Loking back on our years together, I think that hearing him say "I wish I knew you earlier" has to be the most touching.  I've always made light of the moments when he says this but really it speaks so much about his love for me.

As another Valentine's Day has come and gone, I'm counting my lucky stars again.  

I wish.....

                   for many, many more years together. 

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