Sunday, March 12, 2017

High Five

Image from WWW

I could almost forget that I have been living in Singapore for the last five years.  It seems like I've lived here forever.  I still don't know every nook and cranny and I also have yet to do everything that I had wanted to do.  But it has been an adventure being here with Stephen, my Singaporean tour guide. 

Taking a random bus ride with him will bring stories of landmark buildings.  We have started many days with a fixed plan and then suddenly, we're hopping on the first bus that comes along to see where it takes us.  For me, it's still a touristic thing.  Buses ply routes that the trains don't and I can peek into the other lesser known places of Singapore.  

Life here is peaceful but full.  There isn't a day that goes by when I don't clasp my hands in prayer for the fact that I am here now.  I don't know for sure if I will always be here.  Maybe it's not knowing anything now that makes it exciting.  I would like to think that I would manage well wherever life takes me.  I didn't use to think so but now I'm convinced that I would be fine.

These days we no longer feel lonely when people are just a click away with an internet connection.  Friends reach out and family stay in touch without thinking about it.  It's become the norm.

This year, my to-do list is to walk across the Henderson Wave Bridge.  I think that I've put it off long enough and when the weather is great, we'll suddenly find ourselves there.  Hopefully it will be in the evening so we can soak in the awesome views and sunset.  

In my early twenties, I used to think that my life was so routine and that I could give an arm and leg for some excitement.  Now in my late fifties, I no longer look for that excitement because it now dawns on me that what fills my life is being loved.  That's my fuel and if I am honest with myself, I am truly contented.

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