Sunday, March 26, 2017

The good life

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I had an intense week.  

Monday was for helping someone out and the customary visit to MIL.

Tuesday was my birthday and Stephen took me out for the whole day.  It was like a whirlwind of feeding my senses.  Food at a place that I spoke to him about, a movie of my choice, a quiet tea and ending all that with what has become a yearly ritual of Swensen's dinner and the usual ice-cream shared.  

Wednesday was for the regular visit to MIL and giving her a pedicure!

Thursday was for taking a random bus ride with Stephen.  We just choose a number and look for the route and take a joy ride.  This time it was for  Bus 111 which starts and ends at Ghim Moh Terminal.  It was a relaxing and fun outing.

Friday was for house chores as the fogging of the rubbish chute was scheduled.  This always means extra work for me.

Saturday was to catch up on my own stuff and later meeting Stephen at Toa Payoh Central for dinner and grocery shopping.

And today when I am thinking of a particular life and love that I lost so long ago, I'm also choosing to remember that I have found a new life and love.  Rumi was right, what we lose comes around in another form.

Stephen hardly gives me time to feel alone or lonely.  It's what he does without thinking.  His energy is more than enough for the two of us.  I am blessed.  

Who'd think that retirement would not change the pace of life? Okay, I'm stretching that a bit. I just meant that each day is filled with so much for those who value time.

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