Friday, August 02, 2019

Already August 2019

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January to July of 2019 has really been filled with loads of ups and downs.  And just like that, August is here!

Out of these 211 days, I spent 74 days away!
  • 19 days (13Jan-31Jan) in KL
  • 14 days (10Mar-24Mar) in KK
  • 3 days (9Apr-11Apr) in KL
  • 6 days (15Apr-20Apr) in KK 
  • 24 days (12Jun-5Jul) in KL
  • 8 days (6Jul-13Jul) in KK
Just about one-third of these seven months was spent moving around.  It was such an intense time of travelling and waiting at the airport.

Will I be going to KL again?  Yes. 

Will I be going to KK again?  Yes.

And so begins the next plan for my next visit.  Sometimes life can be so unpredictable.  If you had asked me this time, last year, if I had any travel plans, I'd have laughed.

Let's see what August brings.  I'm excited and looking forward to keeping the momentum but only after I've relaxed a bit with doing nothing.

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