Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Deja vu moments

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I was watching TV when I looked at the clock; it was just after 2 pm.  I had a bit of sudden deja vu.

There was a long period when my eye would always be on the clock as I usually had to leave the house at 3 pm to catch a bus to Toa Payoh Central,  get some snacks, and then catch another bus to see my MIL Myra.

At that time, my life was separated into before, during, and after visits.  Things ran like clockwork.  It became the norm for my daily routine.

Today, I suddenly had the inclination to jump up and get ready but I had no need to.  That phase of my life is over now.  It's strange how old habits unexpectedly kick in, out of the blue. 

So I got online to view old video clips and photos of her.  I am so glad that I had that time with her.  Those moments are my treasures.   

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