Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wake me up when September ends!

September always reminds me of my aunt Corazon.  Sadly, she passed away in 2014.

She never forgot birthdays or anniversaries.  She bought and stored cards.  She used to write little poems inside.  She used snail mail but she would do it way in advance so that it would arrive on time. 

I wonder how she would have managed in this almost completely digital age when people send wishes via social media.  Would she have embraced the new form of greetings?

When she died, I inherited her stash of cards.  There were tons of them for all occasions.  Some had turned colour and had little notes put inside to remember who she sent loving words to so they wouldn't get a repeat message.

In a way, I inherited this trait from her.  I have an online calendar to keep track of all the occasions.  I make it a point to send either a virtual wish or call (for those not on social media platforms).  I like doing it.  I like remembering the folks who are in my life.

I think that remembering people gives them a nudge of positivity.  Someone remembers and someone cares enough to send a wish.  Now it's instant and so easy.  We have no real reason not to do our tiny bit to make this world a better place. 

In memory of my beloved Aunt Corazon, I carry on this tradition happily!

Anyway, goodbye SEPTEMBER and I welcome OCTOBER with renewed optimism that things will be better and brighter.

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