Tuesday, April 02, 2013

All this and more...

Image from FB

All this is true, for sure.  What's missing is that it doesn't end there!

Many worry about not having time for fun or peace of mind but all that comes again, later in life. When the kids are all grown up, they live their own life but their joys and successes become your own.  Even their thrills and spills get the heart pumping with excitement.

So when the children are in their mid-20s, what next?  The visitssssssss!  Their taking time off from their world to be in our world just makes me want to burst with joy. 

There are no more worries about looking after them.  Now they can look after themselves.  This is the cycle of life and all their growing years seem so fleeting.

Once, they were so needy and helpless and they are now all grown up and helpful.

The kids are on their way to us!!  Again!!!!  If you have children, you'll know what I'm feeling right now.  

So blessed, I can't contain it!  Yeehaw!

Okay, I shouldn't be here now.  I have a million things to do!  The kids are coming today!  Got to go now.


  1. lovely blog Lita, enjoy your visit with the "kids" <3

    1. Thanks, dear. They go back today but they're never far away in thoughts. :)