Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The pursuit of perfection...

Pic from Facebook

For a long time, I was led to believe that being perfect was the ultimate goal.  I can't trace how or why this became part of what I thought was correct.

In any case, it was the pursuit of perfection that has probably caused many people unnecessary stress.  Even when I thought it was right, I don't think that I consciously sought for perfection.  I always felt that doing my best was what mattered.

When I was in primary school, I remember not feeling confident after an examination. My whole demeanour was affected.  Someone, I don't remember who, noticed and asked me why.  When I explained the gloom, the person said this, "If you had done your best at that moment, then that is all you need to know". I found those words comforting.

Today, I saw this image with Paulo Coelho's words and it triggered this memory.  

Now I understand why people want that perfect bag or shoe or dress. They long for the perfect partner, with a perfect garden and a perfect house.  They dream of a perfect life.  It's a perfect plan.

Now I get it.  It's a disguise for insecurity.  This suddenly makes complete sense to me.

I may not be perfection but I'm normal.  There isn't that need to make everything perfect.  I'm secure that my imperfection is what makes me unique.  


  1. I had to let go of needing to be perfect - so this post resonates with me.

    Yes, you are unique, and that's what makes you special :)

    Unique and perfect - two special words that are ultimates in themselves! All's good ;)

    1. I'm glad that it did. I don't know if I could be close to someone who strives to be perfect always and wants to be No. 1 in everything.

      All our imperfections make us special. Some more than others and you, of course, are SPECIAL. :)