Saturday, April 13, 2013

Revenge is sweet...

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I love the beginnings of each month.  It means that we get new US TV series which we can watch at anytime that we like.  

Before, I used to be so happy when I could be the first to watch a show or movie.  Now I've changed my mind.  When Revenge 2 began showing in the US, I was wondering if I should subscribe to it and watch it.  Somehow I didn't get around to doing it and and I forgot about it for a bit.

When March arrived, there were 3 episodes of Revenge 2.  In April, they added another 5 episodes.  The good thing is that it's available to us, since we subscribe to the US TV Series.

Recently, the children came to visit.  How did we start the holiday?   GG and I watched all eight episodes (back to back), stopping only for dinner.  I was glad that I hadn't paid earlier to watch one episode at a time.  It was more fun to watch the episodes one after the other.  In May, we'll get the remaining episodes!  GG, will you be coming back??

Most of the other TV series have complete seasons available.  People usually ask me what I do with my time.  Well, this is one of the things that I do.  

It's such a simple thing but gives me much pleasure.  The only snag is that once I start watching a TV series, I almost always find myself stuck in front of the TV till I've watched the entire season.  

Once I was up until 4 am watching Criminal Minds.  That's my record so far.

If SFG is not working and begins watching a series with me, we usually have a kind of picnic in front of the TV.  I think our record was 3 am watching Person of Interest Season 2.  

Thankfully, I can do all this now without worrying about being tired the next day.  Even if I wake up early, I can snooze anytime I want.  Such is the life of a retiree!

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