Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today, I woke up early.  Often Stephen will shut off my alarm so that I can sleep longer.  Most of the time, he fails because I hear him moving around and I will get up.  His usual routine is to place his hands on my head and bless me before he leaves the house.  He always has loving words for me.  While he goes off to face the day, I start on the usual chores at home.  Okay, I'm on Facebook also!!!

Today, I started my 'alone' time with prayer for those who are in my thoughts.  Very often, I wonder if the people I mention in my prayers would be surprised that I even think of them.  It doesn't matter to me if they aren't.  What matters is that I do pray for them even when they don't know.

Today, I smiled at a cleaner because she looked worried.  She smiled back at me.  I hope it cheered her up just that tiny wee bit.

Today, I gave up a seat on the MRT so that a husband and wife could sit side by side.  They looked surprised.

Today, I chatted with a family member on whatsapp.  It wasn't easy since I was moving around but we do what we can, whenever we can.  I am sure it somehow made a difference.

Today, I caught up with all the washing, drying and folding of the clothes.  It's a simple task but I am filled with joy that I can do it.

Today, my mom-in-law told me that her son, my husband, is always glad to see me when he gets home.  She shooed me off as soon as she finished her meal.  She wanted me to have time for my own lunch before coming home. I can't wait to tell him this story.

Today, I thought of the people who are in my life and I am thankful for them all.  The ones in the real world as well as those who are on FB.  Some I haven't even met before but who already show me so much love.

Today, just like any other ordinary day but filled with extraordinary moments because I choose to live for today.

Today, I feel more blessed than I have ever felt before.


  1. No, I'm not surprised! God Bless you and your Family, Dear Queen!

    1. Thanks for this sweet comment. I missed replying earlier but it's nice to return and see how I felt then. :)