Sunday, July 28, 2013

Until you've...

Pic lifted off FB

It's a little more than all of these things.  These are just the starters. Starters in what is much like a having a meal.

The main course is 
 Until you've ..........
counted to ten before
 you burst a blood vessel 
when you see toys all over the floor

wished for more energy when the boys won't go to bed 
and you're already about to collapse!

done their homework for them because,
well, there wasn't enough time to make them do it.

escaped from them by taking a shower and
you stand under the water and savour the
peace and quiet for those precious moments

peeped at them sleeping and your heart feels like
it may just explode with all that you are feeling
.... you haven't known love.

I have known this love.   Twice!