Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Half a year and half a smile :-)

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Half a year has gone by already.  I just don't know where time has gone.

Stephen often tells me that once American Idol is over, time just picks up speed. Hahahahahahaha.  We didn't even watch it this year.  How many have there been? Thirteen!  So he's said it that many times!  Funny guy!

Then when 9 August comes  and goes, he'll say, "Time to play Christmas carols now".  The truth is that he plays them as and when he feels like it.  This always makes me smile because thoughts of Christmas bring happy memories.

June ended with a nice Eurasian meal with cousins and some catching up.  Sometimes I am so happy I could just burst.  Actually, I was so full that I felt I could burst.  I ate too much! :-(

So July has started!  The kids are coming again for a short stay and we are already thinking of how to cram everything into those days.

I hope I shan't neglect my blog as much as I did in June.  After all, what else would there be to do later in life except to flip through these postings and reminisce. 

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