Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas To-Do List

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No. 1 Buy presents.  Be present.  
While I started shopping earlier than usual, I am still in shopping mode because whenever I see something that I think someone will like, I love buying it as a surprise.  I'm going to check this off my list because both are WIP and so it's almost done.

No. 2.  Wrap gifts.  Wrap someone in a hug
Am starting tonight eventhough I have some readymade Christmas gift bags to use.  Wrap someone in a hug?  Well, that's just too easy. 

No. 3  Send gifts.  Send peace. 
Hopefully by the time this post is out, I've already sent out the stuff that needs to go by post.  Send peace?  Okay, I do this during my daily prayers. 

No. 4  Shop for food. Donate food.
Haven't really shopped for food yet but will get to it soon enough. Donate food? Will be doing that this week as our local supermarkets have set up booths for us to help the needy.  

No. 5  Make Cookies.  Make love.
Yup, I'm planning to make some cookies and maybe bake a cake or two.  Let's see if I can reproduce what I'd done earlier.  Make love? The most sensible thing in this season of love.  :)

No. 6.  See the lights.  Be the light.
We've already gone to the famous Orchard Road to see the lights. Be the light must mean to give someone a ray of hope when they need it and I do this whenever and wherever I am able.  

Okay, I'm on my way to doing all this and more . . .

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