Sunday, December 13, 2015

The reason for the season

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While I'm busy during this season with retail therapy and all things commercial, I'm always mindful that the true spirit is found in knowing that Jesus is the reason for this celebration.

I'm done with whatever I want to do at home unless I buy something that catches my eye but that is unlikely because that money can be put to better use.  

Today I will just consolidate all the recipes and choose the easiest cookies to make.  Some friends have shared their family secrets and other generous people have put it up on Pinterest so I am really quite spoilt for choice.  

I'm feeling mightily blessed for the life I lead.  Sometimes I forget to give glory to the One above.  But right now, some nice Christian songs are playing and I am slowly getting charged up to seize the moments of happiness.

Happy Sunday everyone!   S M I L E !   Jesus loves you, too.

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