Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas: It's a wrap!

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I'm done with wrapping my gifts.  There's no need to buy many gifts because I give cash to family members.  It's not the best thing to do but in this day and age, it's easier to let them choose what they want and I have no qualms about that.  I've received many gifts which I don't need or use and so I would prefer for my loved ones to buy what they really want or to spend it as they see fit. There's no harm in that.  

This practice of giving cash should be encouraged.  Because then we won't have the  problem of knowing what to do with the things we don't need or want.  

For those not so near or dear, we have to be attentive and get something that they've shown interest in so that they will feel glad to receive it.  Otherwise, chocolates, cakes, biscuits or wine will be the best choices.  

Sometimes it's very easy because there are so many things related to what they like.  A friend of mine loves all  Hello Kitty stuff so it's a very easy task to get her something.  At other times, it's a guessing game and we just have to depend on luck.  I usually have extra presents for surprise visits and people are always so pleased when they find that there is a gift for them too.  That's what Christmas is about!!

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