Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goodbye, Feroz Dawson!

Our paths crossed when both of us commented on something Patrick Teoh had posted on FB.

Feroz sent me a "Friend Request" and caught my attention when I noticed he was from Montevideo, Uruguay.  His name means 'fierce' in Spanish.  

When I accepted his request, he admitted that he only put Uruguay to trick girls/women.  His honesty made me really laugh out loud.

It turns out that I knew his father and, of course, his mother, the famous Faridah Merican.  Then I found out he lived in Section 14, Petaling Jaya where I used to live.  From then, we became friends in real life.

He made me smile often because of his wit and peculiar sense of humour.  He also had a protective side which I adored.

I last saw him on 11 March 2012.  He knew I was leaving Malaysia and he wanted to 'makan-minum' before my departure date.  

As usual, I picked him up and we went to SS2.  It was raining and we drove around until we found a corner shop.  When my coffee arrived, I told him that I would have to take a picture because it had a heart.  He sniggered.  

The last cup of coffee with Feroz.
On that occasion, he gave me a going away gift in the form of a book. This would be the last time that I would see him.

I am glad that I asked him to write something and he agreed.  I took this picture and wrote this short piece in memory of his life and the smiles he brought my way.

It is always sad to say goodbye.

"Life is such a fragile thing. Love those around you, you never know when they will be taken.....don't postpone that dinner, you don't know which will be your last. Live, love, love hard, love strong, love undeservedly. Because life's too short for anything less." - Emmanuel Joseph


  1. Lita, may hearts appear in every cup of coffee you order!

    1. Thanks, Antares. You wrote a superb post about Feroz. I've finally begun reading the book that he gave me.

      We were supposed to eat prawn mee when I got back to KL. Sigh..